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  • Hard Lotion Bar, Head to Toe .75oz / 21g


    Product Description

    Indulge your senses with our popular Head to Toe Hard Lotion Bar, the complete solution for your skin! Whether you have chapped lips, dry, itchy, irritated skin, cracked fingers or heels, our Hard Lotion Bar takes care of it all! This lightly-scented, ultra-moisturizing balm provides exceptional hydration with a simple glide of the stick. Packaged in a convenient container, take Head to Toe Hard Lotion Bar wherever you go!

    Key Benefits

    + Hydrate and heal dry skin from head to toe

    + Moisturize cuticles

    + Conquer chapped lips

    + Tame eyebrows

    + Heal cracked skin on hands & feet

    + Soothe itchy, irritated skin

    + Good for the entire family, including baby!

    Key Ingredient Benefits

    Organic virgin coconut oil nourishes, protects and heals the skin. It's added disinfectant and anti-microbial properties help keep skin healthy.


    Cocoa butter is packed with moisturizing and healing benefits while penetrating deep into the skin, leaving behind a protective shield. Cocoa butter locks in moisture while helping to keep out environmental toxins. This butter has been called the "ultimate moisturizer," and has been used to keep skin soft and supple for centuries.


    Organic coconut oil (cocos nucifera), raw & pure cocoa seed butter (theobroma cacao), natural expeller-pressed avocado oil (persea gratissima), organic extra virgin olive oil (olea europaea), natural expeller-pressed apricot oil (prunus armeniaca), natural beeswax, natural candelilla wax (euphorbia cerifera) and a proprietary blend of 100% natural exotic oils and pure essential oils.


    Current Available Scents

    + Sweet Mimosa

    Available Sizes
    + .75oz/21g

    Additional Information

    • Avoid contact with eyes 

    • Keep in a cool, dry place

    • If product softens, pop in the fridge for a bit to harden

    • Allow a few minutes for product to absorb into skin before dressing

    • Use within 12 months of purchase

    • Please refer to the FAQ section for more information 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How do you use the Head to Toe Hard Lotion Bar?

    Formulated for the entire family, including children and babies, simply swipe product onto skin wherever and whenever hydration is needed. For larger body parts, apply several stripes of product, then rub product into skin with hands. Deep hydration will last for hours!


    Our favorite uses for the Hard Lotion Bar are:

    Hydrate and heal dry skin, from head to toe

    Conquer chapped lips

    Sooth itchy, irritated skin  

    Moisturize cuticles

    Tame eyebrows

    Heal dry, cracked skin on hands and feet

    Moisturize the skin under eyes (don't get product in your eyes!)