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  • CLEAN FACE Gentle Oil Cleanse, 2oz / 60ml

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    Product Description

    NEW name, same effective formulation! CLEAN FACE Gentle Oil Cleanse is a wonderful, rich, nourishing facial cleanse that removes all signs of makeup and dirt. Rich in hydrating and healing ingredients, CLEAN FACE will be your favorite product to cleanse, nourish and moisturize your skin each night. Specifically formulated for all skin types - from oily to very dry, this product balances your skin as well as helping to combat and prevent breakouts.

    Oil cleansing is a perfect way to gently clean and moisturize all skin types. Don't worry, this cleansing oil will not leave your face oily or your pores clogged, just beautifully clean and hydrated. Try our FACE FIX Serum for an added boost of hydration, repair and anti-aging protection. 

    Key Benefits

    + Specifically formulated for all skin types: dry, oily, acne prone, combination and mature skin

    + Gently and effectively remove all signs of makeup and dirt

    + Hydrate dry skin

    + Balance combination and oily skin

    + Helps combat and prevent breakouts

    + Nourish skin to repair and tone

    + Fight signs of aging with nourishing ingredients

    100% Natural Ingredients

    Natural expeller-pressed: sweet almond oil (prunus amygdalus dulcis), organic extra virgin olive oil (olea europaea), apricot oil (prunus armeniaca), castor oil, avocado oil (persea gratissima), golden jojoba oil, organic rosehip oil (rosa canina) and a blend of 100% natural lavender & tea tree essential oils.

    How to Apply

    3-5 pumps of CLEAN FACE is all you need to remove all traces of makeup and dirt from skin. Apply cleansing oil to dry skin and gently massage entire face. Wet a clean washcloth with very warm water (but not too hot), squeezing out the excess water. Rub cloth over skin to remove cleansing oil and to gently exfoliate. Rinse cloth and repeat. There is no need to dry with a towel! Follow up with our FACE CANVAS Dry Oil Face Elixir or FACE FIX Serum for additional nourishment.


    For a nice pore-opening treatment after removing cleansing oil, place the warm cloth over face in order for steam to open your pores.


    Additional Information

    + Avoid contact with eyes 

    + Keep in a cool dry place

    + Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

    + Use within 9-12 months of purchase

    + See our FAQ page for further information about our products 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Why should I be oil cleansing?

    The idea of cleansing your face with oil may sound strange, but once you try it, you'll be hooked! Traditional cleansers can do a great job cleansing your skin, but they tend to strip your skin of its natural oils. Those with oily skin can be making this skin condition even worse by using a traditional cleanser. When the natural oil from your skin is completely removed by a cleanser, the skin can go into "shock" mode, causing an over-production of oil by your skin in response.


    Will the oil cleanse clog my pores? 

    This gentle oil cleanse is specifically formulated with oil that will not clog your pores!


    Will the oil cleanse make my face more oily? 

    Individuals with oily skin may be wary of using oil on their skin. Contrary to this belief, oil cleansing can actually balance oily skin! Most cleansers strip skin of almost all natural oils, When this occurs, the skin naturally will start producing MORE oil to replace the oil that has been removed. Unfortunately the skin over-process oil, resulting in oily skin. The cycle just simply repeats itself every time the skin is cleansed with oil-striping cleanser.


    When natural, healthy, skin-loving oils are used to cleanse oily skin, the skin is happy and healthy, resulting in a much more balanced complexion. 

    How often should I use CLEAN FACE? 

    This cleanse is ideal for your evening cleansing ritual. It will wash away makeup, dirt and grease, preparing your skin for hydration and healing.